Not sure if you are a delegate or an alternate? Click here to see the spread sheet with all delegates and alternates, as was determined in accordance with the By-laws through the precinct caucuses. This list CANNOT be changed. If you are a delegate and cannot attend, your spot will be given to an alternate in the order they are listed on the spreadsheet. If you are an alternate please join us for the Convention meeting at 8:30 am on Saturday and we will see if you can be seated due to a delegate's absence. If you are not on the list at all, you can still join the Convention Zoom meeting but you cannot speak and vote. Per the By-laws, no additional names can be added.


  • Joining the Convention. Due to COVID-19 and the Governor extending the prohibition on gatherings of more than 10 people, the first part of the Convention will take place virtually through Zoom. You must log on to Zoom to participate. If you do not have the technology capabilities to operate Zoom please email and let us know! We will find a host for a small group (less than 10 people) who will host the Zoom Convention at their home and you can participate in the Convention with them. If you are willing to be a host to a small group of people please email and let us know so we can start arranging homes for people to attend the Convention. 

    • To join the Convention follow these instructions (it is a great idea to familiarize yourself with Zoom PRIOR to the Convention start time):


  • Check-In Time. The check-in process will begin on Zoom at 8:00am on Saturday April 4th. At 8:15am a role call of delegates will be taken. A second and final delegate role call will be held at 8:30. Any delegate not logged onto Zoom by the 8:30 role call will lose their seat to an alternate. Alternates will begin to fill open seats after the 8:30 role call. Alternates will be seated in the order they are listed on the above spreadsheet. Alternates will not be seated if there are not open delegate spots, however they are welcome to listen to the Convention but cannot vote or speak during the call. The business items will begin promptly at 9:00am.


  • Agenda. Due to the complexity of holding a large Convention virtually, the State Party has granted us the authority to have a "split agenda." What that means is we will only be taking care of the time sensitive Convention items on the digital Zoom call on Saturday. All other items, particularly those agenda items that typically solicit more debate, will be held at an in-person Convention at a later date (we will have that date for you by Saturday but it will likely be late May or early June). As we will not be adjourning the Convention and will instead be taking an extended recess, it will still be considered one Convention just with two different dates for the agenda items. To see the agenda items that will be discussed on Saturday, April 4th, CLICK HERE.


  • Having Trouble Logging In? Zoom's website has a list of helpful tutorials to help you navigate the site, check those out at If you still cannot log onto Zoom, call Jesse Naiman at 410-804-8686 and he will try to assist you, but please use the Zoom resources for assistance before calling Jesse. DO NOT wait until the last minute to test Zoom on your computer - with over 300 people trying to log on the morning of the Convention he may get overwhelmed with calls and may not be able to help you before the check-in time begins. Jesse is available in the evenings after 5 to help or else will be available Saturday morning but do not wait until then to test it for the first time. Please test Zoom TODAY and make sure you can access the program. If not, we can arrange to get you assigned to one of the small groups at someone's home.



These are some interesting times with unique circumstances that we are trying to work out. As much as we are trying to get everything arranged to make the Convention go off without a hitch, I know that we are definitely going to still encounter some set backs. We truly appreciate everyone's patience and flexibility as we work to get the Convention pulled off in the best way possible considering these circumstances. Please email if you have any questions regarding the Convention (I cannot guarantee that communications sent in alternative ways will be answered as the primary focus will be on the official County Party email address).



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